Definition of unimpeachably in English:



See unimpeachable

‘The room wasn't really dirty in any absolute sense, but as hotel rooms are intimately occupied by a succession of strangers, they must be unimpeachably clean: and this room wasn't.’
  • ‘Of all the images in the roll, this is the most unimpeachably frank, intensely emotional and at the same time fragmentary, reproducing the texture and flavour of the moment without explaining its meaning.’
  • ‘The Hague system, rooted on unimpeachably pure democratic principles, has fallen prey to the unbridgeable gap between the world of MPs and the world of the party members.’
  • ‘I'd say that the test at least proved that one candidate was unimpeachably human.’
  • ‘Might he not find that a coup is mounted in his absence by a humble retainer whom he had imagined to be unimpeachably loyal?’



/ˌənəmˈpēCHəblē/ /ˌənəmˈpitʃəbli/