Definition of uninflected in English:


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  • 1Grammar
    (of a word or a language) not undergoing changes to express grammatical functions or attributes.

    ‘English is largely uninflected’
    • ‘That's something you can't do in an uninflected language like English.’
    • ‘Eventually, Misa corrected herself and stopped using uninflected verbs in the [I'm + X] pattern.’
    • ‘The call-and-response dynamic in this scene allows discrete space for dialect and uninflected speech, but clearly emphasizes the mingling of the two voices in a communal speech act.’
  • 2Not varying in intonation or pitch.

    ‘her voice was flat and uninflected’
    • ‘The bloody sergeant's report is delivered by Dan Moran on his back in a kind of machine-made monotone so uninflected that the ear refuses to digest it.’
    • ‘Well, let me tell ya, there isn't anything quite like hearing that robot talk in its flat uninflected voice to wake me from my melancholy disposition.’
    • ‘But Julie, in her uninflected implacability, belongs less to Hitchcock than to Robert Bresson, the great French minimalist.’
    • ‘‘She's yours,’ Chris said and I thought I heard a hint of amusement behind the uninflected words.’
    • ‘A flat voice might be one that is emotionless or uninflected, and American speech is stereotypically uninflected by comparison to British speech.’
    • ‘‘Keep it on, Chaussier,’ she said in an uninflected voice.’
    • ‘Even in the fierce cauldron of the sports arena and on the hotplate of romance, she keeps heading back to the middle, where her dialogue sounds roughly as uninflected as a library conversation.’
    • ‘His delivery is stilted, stiff, uninflected - except when he's permitted to shout, at which point he relaxes and seems to forget to be inhibited.’
    • ‘Yet as the novel proceeds and Robert gains freedom and position, he adopts the uninflected voice that corresponds to his new middle-class status.’
    • ‘A memorable presentation will rarely be an unpunctuated sequence of equations or an uninflected recitation of sources of systematic error.’
    • ‘But Eve speaks for herself, softly, in a tone of uninflected innocence: ‘A Martini.’’
    toneless, flat, unvarying, uninflected, droning, soporific



/ˌənənˈflektəd/ /ˌənənˈflɛktəd/