Definition of uninstall in English:


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transitive verbtransitive verb uninstalls, British transitive verb uninstals, transitive verb uninstalling, transitive verb uninstalled

(also British uninstal)
[with object]
  • Remove (an application or file) from a computer.

    ‘It often happens that uninstalling an application does not completely remove all program components.’
    • ‘By design, the Registry does not shrink in size when an application is uninstalled.’
    • ‘Once you installed the program and key file, you could not install either on another computer without uninstalling the key file from the first computer.’
    • ‘I uninstalled the internet software, uninstalled the drivers, removed the card, cycled the CPU, reinstalled the card, and reinstalled the software.’
    • ‘Instead, his group is asking industry to develop best practices for downloading and uninstalling software.’



/ˌənənˈstôl/ /ˌənənˈstɔl/