Definition of unintelligently in English:



See unintelligent

‘In the photographs that accompany the article, the rappers appear virtually indistinguishable from street thugs, with the sullen stare of the unintelligently angry.’
  • ‘For memory, like everything else in the world, can be clumsily used, or unintelligently used, or used for false purposes or in bad faith.’
  • ‘It is hateful, shameful and a disgrace to all when it is used unintelligently.’
  • ‘This could, at best, be described as unintelligently differentiated stratification.’
  • ‘So a military treaty by itself, or one unintelligently bolted on to other measures, cannot be enough.’



/ˌənənˈteləjəntlē/ /ˌənənˈtɛlədʒəntli/