Definition of unintelligibility in English:



See unintelligible

‘The unintelligibility of this Court's precedent raises the further concern that, either in appearance or in fact, adjudication of Establishment Clause challenges turns on judicial predilections.’
  • ‘But the arbitrariness, the unintelligibility, the absolute mysteriousness of totalitarianism are essential to Berman's larger argument.’
  • ‘It is this Burkean notion of rhetoric, which is necessitated by unintelligibility but activated by intelligibility, which animates the spaces of everyday life.’
  • ‘There are few posts that plummet down to the infantile depths of the scale and few that stretch upwards towards unintelligibility.’
  • ‘The few lunchtime conversations are dulled into unintelligibility by distance and the general air of lethargy.’



/ˌənənˌteləjəˈbilədē/ /ˌənənˌtɛlədʒəˈbɪlədi/