Definition of uninvoked in English:



  • (of a god, spirit, or power) not invoked or called on in prayer.

    ‘the powers of song I left not uninvoked’
    • ‘The visions are usually spontaneous and uninvoked, except when the seer uses the blade-bone of a sheep.’
    • ‘The act of remembrance, even uninvoked remembrance, dredges up early trauma to experience anew.’
    • ‘A new board is being set up with the power, so far uninvoked, to impose a settlement.’
    • ‘With respect to uninvoked rights, the rationale for such a high standard is that such a right represents a sword of Damocles over the buyer's head which may fall in the future.’
    • ‘The uninvoked Section 215 doesn't actually mention libraries and is aimed at things like airline, hotel, and bank records.’



/ˌəninˈvōkt/ /ˌənɪnˈvoʊkt/