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(also British unionise)
  • Become or cause to become members of a labor union.

    no object ‘agricultural laborers were slow to unionize’
    • ‘there have been attempts to unionize the company's workers’
    • ‘In other business, the delegate assembly voted to encourage MLA members to unionize when possible and to support the unionizing efforts of other campus workers.’
    • ‘So why is the Mission opposing their workers’ attempts to unionize?’
    • ‘With the Supreme Court's 2002 Hoffman decision, undocumented immigrant laborers have no legal standing to sue for back pay when fired for attempting to unionize.’
    • ‘Union leaders, however, said the action recalled the techniques of violence and intimidation used against the longshoremen during their attempts to unionize in the 1930s.’
    • ‘Maquilas prefer to employ young women, often as young as fourteen, because the owners believe that young women are easier to control and less likely to attempt to unionize.’
    • ‘The rhetoric of slavery has been applied to a variety of social movements, such as the quest for equal rights for women or attempts to unionize American workers.’
    • ‘If the 1,500 or so workers at the factory attempt to unionize, he added, they will be fired and blacklisted.’
    • ‘But their attempts to unionize are going to fail, because their replacements are already on the way.’
    • ‘The type of workplaces Kath was responsible for in her job had a high turnover of staff making any attempt at unionising difficult.’
    • ‘Remarkably for a supposedly ‘liberal’ institution such as a university, attempts to unionise postgraduate teaching staff have been vigorously resisted by some US universities.’
    • ‘He joined the Labour Party, and even attempted to unionise professional players.’
    • ‘After that I felt that we, the workers, needed unity and I have been attempting to unionise the place.’
    • ‘We need to look at something that is not driven just by ideology, or that is the politically correct approach of this Government - a bunch of trade unionists who now want to unionise everyone.’
    • ‘One of the decisions found faculty members at Manhattan College eligible to unionize; the other enabled graduate assistants at New York University to bargain collectively.’
    • ‘One reason is that it is much harder to unionize an unorganized workplace than most of us realize.’
    • ‘Too bad federal law makes it virtually impossible to unionize a company that doesn't want to be unionized, isn't it?’
    • ‘About 360 students voted to unionize last March as a last-ditch attempt to pressure the administration over low pay and working conditions.’
    • ‘A 1907 attempt by labor organizers to unionize the Ashio copper mines was only put down by thousands of army troops.’
    • ‘This might be done if that employee was part of an effort to try to unionize or organize in any way with other employees.’
    • ‘The first is to organize, unionize, or whatever you want to call it, and join the fight for a bigger piece of that limited pie.’



/ˈyo͞onyəˌnīz/ /ˈjunjəˌnaɪz/