Definition of unipotent in English:



  • 1Mathematics
    (of a subgroup) having only one idempotent element.

    • ‘We concentrate particularly on the maximal unipotent subgroup of a split reductive group and show how this improves computation in the reductive group itself.’
  • 2Biology
    (of an immature or stem cell) capable of giving rise to only one cell type.

    ‘But the researchers didn't know if hair and skin arose from one master cell - a ‘multipotent’ stem cell that can morph into a number of tissue types - or from two populations of ‘unipotent’ stem cells that are destined to be a single tissue.’
    • ‘The same rank order of sensitivity is also found with regard to unipotent progenitors of granulocytes and macrophages and with regard to early and late erythroid progenitors.’



/yo͞oˈnipədənt/ /juˈnɪpədənt/