Definition of uniquely in English:


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usually as submodifier
  • 1In a way that belongs or is connected to only one particular person or thing.

    ‘a way of life that was uniquely British’
    • ‘uniquely, the United Kingdom is on target to fulfill the promise to double its aid to developing nations’
    • ‘His art represents the uniquely German power responsible for the onset of the Reformation.’
    • ‘Uniquely, she has taken possession of the gesture.’
    • ‘All of this is found in the experience which is uniquely New York.’
    • ‘These virtues were thought distinctively—even uniquely—Australian.’
    • ‘Some of these pieces are uniquely Armani.’
    1. 1.1In a very special or unusual way.
      ‘a uniquely talented musician’
      • ‘uniquely shaped buildings’
      • ‘Its climate and the fertility of the soil make it uniquely blessed.’
      • ‘She was uniquely beautiful, right?’
      • ‘They were a uniquely disadvantaged group—impoverished, undereducated, often despised and ostracised.’
      • ‘He walked away with a recording contract, singing with his uniquely soulful voice.’
      • ‘The island is known for ravishing beaches with pink sand and greenish water, and for uniquely painted homes and cottages.’



/yo͞oˈnēklē/ /juˈnikli/