Definition of unisexually in English:



See unisexual

‘No difference in granuloma formation between naive and P. berghei-immunized animals and between unisexually and bisexually S. mansoni-infected mice was observed.’
  • ‘Thus, whereas the parental species reproduce sexually, the hybrid reproduces unisexually due to the result of meiotic drive, but still depends on a sexual hang-up.’
  • ‘With the first guy I mean it unisexually, and the second… femalely.’
  • ‘He has a feminine palette, but the shirt was sold unisexually.’
  • ‘But scientists at Duke's Howard Hughes Medical Institute discovered that the fungus reproduces both unisexually and by releasing reproductive cells in a process called ‘fruiting’ that include half the number of chromosomes needed for reproduction, similar to the way a human egg or sperm has half the chromosomes needed for reproduction.’