Definition of unit pricing in English:

unit pricing


  • Identification of and labeling of items for sale with the retail price per unit, permitting easier price comparisons among similar products in different sized containers.

    ‘‘The result of these surveys clearly show that the work being done by my office is bearing fruit,’ said Ms Foley, who urged consumers to make use of unit pricing which allows for comparison shopping.’
    • ‘Food marketing changes in the United States have led to a shift from unit pricing to minimum-weight pricing in some wholesale and retail situations.’
    • ‘A calculator is an invaluable tool for checking unit pricing (comparing the price per pound or price per serving of meats, for example, or which is the better buy - a large jar of spaghetti sauce or two smaller tins).’
    • ‘To control costs, unit pricing gathered during design development can be compared to unit pricing from the bidding contractors to spot gross anomalies.’
    • ‘We've been working to try and improve debt collection practices, credit reporting, home building, dispute resolution and supermarket unit pricing to name a few.’