Definition of unitarily in English:



See unitary

‘Taken separately, out of order, in alternate versions, the songs are a series of comfortable, upscale bungalows: taken together they unitarily reach and soar above the clouds, an edifice against entropy.’
  • ‘Considering all humans to be unitarily identical is, besides being a king-size fallacy, the ultimate intellectual form of inhumanity.’
  • ‘Equally open to question is the assumption that the statue's identity is transparently and unitarily determined by the fact or quality of its facial representation.’
  • ‘This cascade of changes is not unitarily positive or negative, rather it is possible to enumerate a variety of risks and benefits associated with reunification.’
  • ‘Seth also hints at a minor form or unit of consciousness, which is present in the atoms, and in the particles within and around us which are unitarily separate from the human-soul-consciousness.’



/ˈyo͞onəˌterəlē/ /ˌyo͞onəˈte(ə)r-/