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  • 1The quality of involving or being shared by all people or things in the world or in a particular group.

    ‘we affirm the universality of human rights’
    • ‘the universality of the experience of grief and loss’
    • ‘the principle of universality was abandoned in favor of means-tested payments’
    • ‘All nations of the world celebrate the universality of music by bringing their national musics to the international stage.’
    • ‘The universality of his talents foreshadows those of his own pupil Leonardo.’
    • ‘A guide talked about the banality and universality of the image of these two corporate warehouses.’
    • ‘These displays are the only place where the museum's message of the universality of spiritual concerns gives way to the specifics of particular religions.’
    • ‘For all its implied and hoped-for universality, it is a deeply American work.’
    1. 1.1The quality of being true in or appropriate for all situations.
      ‘the universality of the basic laws of mathematics’
      • ‘His seminal work spelled out the law of gravity, the laws of motion, and the universality of the gravitational force.’
      • ‘This universality occurs presumably because a low-level coarse-graining does not introduce effects that are sensitive to the overall structure of the macromolecule.’
      • ‘The fact that both mammalian viruses and bacteriophage show this loss of pentons indicates the universality of the instability of these interactions.’
      • ‘The optimal index here exhibits a striking universality in that it is relatively insensitive to variations in the selection used in its computation.’
      • ‘The universality of DNA attachment to the lamina in interphase growing cells means that nuclear volume cannot change substantially in evolution without changing genome size.’



/ˌyo͞onəvərˈsalədē/ /ˌjunəvərˈsælədi/