Definition of univocally in English:



Philosophy Linguistics

See univocal

‘Spacetime coincidences play this privileged ontic role because they are invariant and, thus, univocally determined.’
  • ‘So the one science falls under the other ‘almost univocally.’’
  • ‘Someone might want to have a certain desire, in other words, but univocally want that desire to be unsatisfied.’
  • ‘The question is, how can the protagonist break through this selectivity, this view that already-defined meanings are univocally fixed to signifiers?’
  • ‘This obscurity might be the reverse of their fruitfully polysemic character: only dead terms can be univocally defined!’



/yo͞oˈnivək(ə)lē/ /juˈnɪvək(ə)li/ /ˌyo͞onəˈvōkəlē/ /ˌjunəˈvoʊkəli/