Definition of unjustifiably in English:


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See unjustifiable

sentence adverb ‘they seemed, unjustifiably, to be taking things out on the students’
  • ‘Inflation in house prices meant agents, who charge a percentage of the sale price, were earning unjustifiably large sums, she said.’
  • ‘Farmers must prevent this by negotiating hard on beef prices and so prevent the factories dropping their prices unjustifiably.’
  • ‘Compulsory licensing allows a country to contract a third party to manufacture a patented product if there are good reasons to do so (for instance if the government considers the price of a medicine unjustifiably high).’
  • ‘‘I suggest we have imposed an unjustifiably hard burden on our young people,’ he explained.’
  • ‘I did not use the term ‘we have our suspicions’ which unjustifiably implied this incident was repeatedly happening as a result of the actions of a known person or group of people.’



/ˌənˈˌjəstəˈfīəblē/ /ˌənˈˌdʒəstəˈfaɪəbli/