Definition of unjustly in English:


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  • In a manner that is not in accordance with what is morally right and fair.

    ‘he was unjustly accused of being a spy’
    • ‘they feel as if they have been treated unjustly’
    • ‘Lords who unjustly dispossess their vassals can expect punishment from a higher authority.’
    • ‘We can break a law unwittingly or be unjustly accused of breaking the law.’
    • ‘Tubin is an unjustly neglected composer with a distinctive musical voice.’
    • ‘The third chapter focuses on the Mexican-American folk hero who was unjustly imprisoned over a case of mistranslation.’
    • ‘He meets an angry inmate who claims that he's been unjustly committed there.’



/ˌənˈjəs(t)lē/ /ˌənˈdʒəs(t)li/