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  • (especially of a person) having an untidy or disheveled appearance.

    ‘they were unwashed and unkempt’
    • ‘He was rather unkempt, so we didn't want to put him in the new family car for his ride home.’
    • ‘He had on a white shirt and black trousers which were too short and he was unkempt.’
    • ‘This means that the cemetery has a very untidy, unkempt appearance but this will soon change.’
    • ‘The result certainly gives the Parliament an unkempt, unloved appearance lacking in maintenance.’
    • ‘I have also had to contact the council regarding the unkempt appearance of the roads in my area.’
    • ‘His hair was almost as disheveled and unkempt as mine, and he was the first baboon in the troop who ever interacted with me.’
    • ‘Her nose was red, her face streaked and tear-stained, her hair disheveled and unkempt.’
    • ‘Norman took me into his unkempt, barren back garden to show me the only thing which he could boast of - his four fat white rabbits.’
    • ‘The old colonial building with a wild and unkempt garden around was unlit and silent.’
    • ‘If you can cope with leaving part of your lawn unkempt then your garden will really benefit.’
    • ‘It was a shabby, straggly, unkempt little regiment, their faces chapped, their noses running in the cold.’
    • ‘Sporting an unkempt beard and shaggy crop, he makes Robinson Crusoe look like GQ's Man of the Year.’
    • ‘The whole head is fluffed up and gently back-combed, so that it looks scruffy and unkempt.’
    • ‘I tackled my wardrobes about a year ago, but like an unkempt ivy, disorder and chaos has returned.’
    • ‘If the garden is unkempt, unhealthy or dying, it is considered to be draining the energy.’
    • ‘She raked her fingers through the wild, unkempt gardens of her hair.’
    • ‘She stood in the middle of the devastation, breathing heavily, hair unkempt and gown rumpled and mussed.’
    • ‘He peers out from under his scruffy, unkempt hair with a slackjawed, apprehensive expression.’
    • ‘It was a woman, dirty, bedraggled and unkempt, but a woman nonetheless.’
    • ‘The man allowed him to turn around and looked him up and down, taking in the rumpled clothes and unkempt hair.’
    untidy, messy, scruffy, disordered, dishevelled, disarranged, rumpled, windblown, ungroomed, bedraggled, in a mess, messed up, shabby, slovenly, shaggy
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/ˌənˈkem(p)t/ /ˌənˈkɛm(p)t/


Late Middle English from un-‘not’ + kempt ‘combed’ (past participle of archaic kemb, related to comb).