Definition of unkept in English:



  • 1(of a commitment or undertaking) not honored or fulfilled.

    ‘unkept appointments and broken promises’
    • ‘But what is often felt instead is what we view as the broken confidence, the unkept promise, the lack of support.’
    • ‘After one particularly harsh winter and many unkept promises from the U.S. Government, Cornplanter was forced to sell his tract of land along the mouth of Oil Creek in 1818.’
    • ‘I lived there for 5 years before being lured away by the unkept promises of London.’
    • ‘I can therefore say goodbye to this particular forum because I know that I will never run out of unkept promises or miles to walk and that I may even continue to sprinkle the journey remaining before sleep with a new idea or two.’
    • ‘It has laid bare the truths that equity without excellence is an empty achievement, quantity without quality an unkept promise.’
    • ‘So what is to be done about the unkept promises of the new economy?’
    • ‘Despite all the rhetoric and unkept promises, a light still flickers in the darkness.’
    • ‘Because they had never traded phone numbers or mailing addresses or even last names, the unkept appointment was assumed by both of them to be the end of the affair.’
    • ‘And should any one in any case be content that his oath shall go unkept on a merely unsubstantial controversy as to HOW it shall be kept?’
    • ‘But there always has to be at least one resolution unkept, so as not to upset the delicate balance of my low self-expectations.’
  • 2Not tidy or cared for.

    ‘lawns unkept and ponds neglected’
    • ‘She could make out a small, unkept lawn to its side, circled by a broken, wiry fence.’
    • ‘I looked hot, lounging between the guy with the cut-just-so shaggy hair, placed around his head to give the impression of being unkept, and the girl in the 50-dollar hippie skirt.’
    • ‘We're surrounded by families with kids in every direction so I no longer feel shame for wearing my trackies and having unkept hair at three (ok six) in the pm.’
    • ‘These features are lost, however, in what Patterson describes as a ‘bad atmosphere’ with poor lighting and a somewhat unkept environment.’
    • ‘And at about two minutes later, I looked down the hallway and there was a man walking down the hall and the reason I noticed him was because he was rather unkept.’
    • ‘I'm a sucker for a library that looks like a library - a little unkept, a little dusty, mildly disorganized and definitely overstuffed.’
    • ‘Our backyard grass has a lot of wild grass as it kind of went unkept from the end of WWII until Wendy and I moved in.’
    • ‘Speaking of hair, isn't it irritating to see unkept spiky mops being unsuccessfully passed off as fashionable mullets?’
    • ‘Some sound makes me look up into the eyes of a bearded, unkept man.’
    • ‘With our children's minds in these sort of hands, we can probably count on seeing at least a further generation with more than its quota of unkept women.’
    • ‘They were clearly homeless, wearing shabby clothes and unable to talk properly through their unkept teeth.’
    • ‘‘I… I guess I'll tell you the truth,’ the boy replied, absently brushing an unkept lock of black hair from his face.’
    • ‘A few years ago she had strange features - her hair was scraggly and unkept like a male hippie's - and she didn't notice the way her clothes never matched.’
    • ‘They were in a small, unkept dock - they walked along the waterfront, until they reached a set of stairs, leading down, to the water's height.’
    • ‘But every guy that came up to her didn't have Luke's shaggy, unkept hair or those deep, dark brown eyes that only Luke possessed.’
    • ‘His pants and shirt matched the car, dirty and unkept.’
    • ‘A small callus covered the third finger of the lady's finger, and nails oddly unkept stretched out a bit, glinting in the sun's rays.’
    • ‘Seeing only a few rodents, a fox and some other creatures running through the unkept grass, he continued across the circular field.’
    • ‘We turned left onto a narrow, unkept road, and drove another half mile, before we arrived at a large, austere building.’
    • ‘More than stubble lines his jaw now; he looks unkept.’



/ˌənˈkept/ /ˌənˈkɛpt/