Definition of unkindness in English:



mass noun
  • 1Inconsiderate and harsh behaviour.

    ‘she had had enough of her father's unkindness’
    • ‘‘Meanness’ connotes not only the personal characteristics of spite, unkindness, or aggression, but also the social conditions of shabbiness and impoverishment.’
    • ‘In the face of your inconsideration or unkindness, I may experience pain, indignation, chagrin, shame, annoyance, bashfulness and more besides.’
    • ‘In apparently impossible circumstances, where nothing but harshness and unkindness prevail, two human beings make contact, or at least one reaches out a hand to another.’
    • ‘Certainly, that notion is incompatible with cruelty and unkindness to one another.’
    • ‘Cruelty to animals, deliberate unkindness, bullying smaller children: these were major crimes.’
  • 2rare count noun A flock of ravens.

    ‘an unkindness of ravens flew overhead’
    • ‘A skull rests on the threshold as a reminder of the wages of sin, and, above, an unkindness of ravens presides.’
    • ‘Little Jakob was first excited to see an unkindness of ravens.’
    • ‘The unkindness of ravens at the Tower of London is about to enjoy the kindness of taxpayers, in a move designed to improve the birds' accommodation.’
    • ‘An unkindness of ravens circled him from above.’
    • ‘He positioned himself for the endgame, unleashing that Batman-esque unkindness of ravens which smashed into the square.’