Definition of unknit in English:


Pronunciation /ˌənˈnit/ /ˌənˈnɪt/

transitive verbunknits, unknitting, unknitted

[with object]
  • Separate (things that are joined, knotted, or interlocked).

    ‘Breast heaving, Violet gaped at her former siblings, her brows knitting and unknitting themselves as she saw the Unknown Princess as Althia, not merely similar to her in looks and mannerisms, but Althia herself, alive and loved by Briar.’
    • ‘She was a character actress who specialized in either cantankerous or kindly older women for three decades, simply by knitting or unknitting her eyebrows.’
    • ‘It seemed to me like cleaning the coal off Grampie had something to do with her brows unknitting, because when he was home and washed, she would lose that fierce expression for an hour or so.’