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  • Not able to be known.

    ‘the total cost is unknowable’
    • ‘Lions remain stubborn and untameable symbols of a wilderness as rightly unknowable as they themselves are.’
    • ‘All new technologies generate fears of unknown and perhaps unknowable potential harm, but reassurance is demanded nonetheless.’
    • ‘Social insurance, however, does not depend on the future being unknowable.’
    • ‘Worst of all, we accept this world of unknowable origins as our world.’
    • ‘But one of the essential principles of modern science is that such final causes are unknowable.’
    • ‘Whether this was because the man had not acted reasonably or whether the team had been poor at explaining his actions is unknowable on present information.’
    • ‘His remains a fairly brutal, loveless world, and some of the characters may seem a little thin - or at least unknowable.’
    • ‘The road ahead, as inevitable as it seems, remains fraught with such unknowable consequences.’
    • ‘First, god or Brahman is unknown and unknowable; second, humans are accountable for their actions.’
    • ‘I don't think he meant that science is full of unpredictable or unknowable or supernatural forces.’
    • ‘You can never test a theory that claims that an invisible and unknowable force is responsible for a phenomenon.’
    • ‘The respondents may or may not have the same opinions as the non-responders, which are by definition unknowable.’
    • ‘The combination of unknowable rules and draconian penalties is already having a chilling effect.’
    • ‘As the secretary of treasury, you have to deal with these unknowable issues.’
    • ‘In all honesty, having examined this unknowable show on two separate occasions, I remain unclear as to what it is actually about.’
    • ‘But those are things unknowable to mortal flesh in the case of any particular person.’
    • ‘There are times in the course of war when the outcome is simply unknowable.’
    • ‘Faced with a wholly unknowable threat, the rational thing to do is to compare those outcomes we can predict, and ignore those we cannot.’
    • ‘Everyone who loves you is aware of your unfathomable depth, your dark feelings and unknowable concerns.’
    • ‘Now he wants Americans to appreciate the gray areas and accept that some facts are unknowable.’
    unidentifiable, unknowable



/ˌənˈnōəb(ə)l/ /ˌənˈnoʊəb(ə)l/