Definition of unlabeled in English:



(British unlabelled)
  • Without a label; not labeled.

    ‘bottles of unlabeled white wine’
    • ‘At the top of the rows of buttons was an unlabeled keyhole.’
    • ‘Your help in identifying the unlabeled images is requested.’
    • ‘Our teams usually find about four unlabeled items per squadron.’
    • ‘Perhaps you have observed careless practices or unlabeled containers, or maybe you have questioned an order or a clinical irregularity.’
    • ‘Any unlabeled container or syringe should be discarded immediately.’
    • ‘Unlabeled chemical waste causes severe problems for our waste disposal personnel.’
    • ‘In some cases, individual slides were identified, but most are unlabeled.’
    • ‘How do I find out how much fiber is in unlabeled items such as fruits and vegetables?’
    • ‘Placing liquids in unlabeled containers led to the patient deaths described above, and similar situations continue to occur in some health care organizations and clinical settings.’
    • ‘Give me an unlabeled map of the United States, and I can mark in the names of every state - with the possible exceptions of Vermont and New Hampshire.’
    • ‘Although readers will not get bogged down in irrelevant minutiae, there are occasional places where detail is lacking, as with unexplained abbreviations or unlabeled figures.’
    • ‘It is unlabeled, and I haven't bothered to measure it.’
    • ‘At the end of the first semester the freezer will be emptied of unlabeled items and of any item labeled as more than 3 months old.’
    • ‘An unlabeled hazmat container can lead to a hefty fine and to other penalties.’
    • ‘I spotted an unlabeled plant at the nursery with gorgeous purple-black foliage and a hairy stem and asked the owner what it was.’
    • ‘Small, unlabeled ovals represent haplotypes inferred from mutational changes, but not sampled in this data set.’
    • ‘We removed the unlabeled tank and replaced it with the correct tank.’
    • ‘For example, if reducing unlabeled medications on the sterile surgical field is the goal, then observation studies will be necessary to determine whether this undesirable practice has been eliminated.’
    • ‘One of the guys leaned over to rummage around under the seat and produced some sardines, saltine crackers and a clear liquid in an unlabeled clear glass bottle.’
    • ‘The internal harnesses comprise unlabeled black wires terminated with crimp connectors at the bridge rectifiers and filter caps.’



/ˌənˈlābəld/ /ˌənˈleɪbəld/