Definition of unladen in English:



  • Not carrying a load.

    ‘unladen, the boat heeled to starboard’
    • ‘The gearing is so low, the truck's speed would be little affected whether it was carrying a five-ton load or was running totally unladen - at least on flat terrain.’
    • ‘Both boats were unladen and were being tossed about in the rough sea.’
    • ‘The twin ships, displacing 12, 500 tonnes unladen but 31, 500 tonnes when fully loaded, are designed to refuel and restock warships of the Royal Navy and allied navies while at sea.’
    • ‘An unladen heavy duty trailer with camper weighs in at around 500 kg bare.’
    • ‘An investigation is under way into an incident in January at Hull as the unladen vessel Kemira Gas was making an approach to Saltend jetties and collided with the Sand End Light Float, causing minor damage to the tug's bulwark and the float.’
    • ‘A Vauxhall Corsa van lost control, possibly when a tyre blew, and the unladen HGV swerved to avoid a collision, clipping another lorry.’
    • ‘The two carriages, each the size of a single-deck bus and weighing 13 tons unladen, arrived in Aviemore borne aloft on a matching pair of stately low-loaders after a journey of some 1,200 miles.’
    • ‘The unladen 12-tonne lorry, which had been travelling towards York, left the road and crashed through an 8ft-high hedge into adjacent farm land.’
    • ‘They believe the unladen car transporter, which had been travelling eastbound, collided with a white Citroen despatch vehicle at around 7pm.’
    • ‘Economy over the period of mixed driving both laden and unladen was 43 mpg.’
    • ‘The container ships bringing in vital supplies of roof slate are sitting at the docks unladen.’
    • ‘Both 4x2 single and crew cabs boast an unladen fuel consumption of 45.6mpg on the extra urban cycle.’
    • ‘However, with a claim of 49.6mpg on the combined fuel cycle when unladen and this level of purchase price, the question must be asked; just how efficiently - and quietly - do you want to shift half a tonne?’
    • ‘‘Motor cycle’ means a mechanically propelled vehicle, not being an invalid carriage, with less than four wheels and the weight of which unladen does not exceed 410 kilograms.’
    • ‘We managed to realise over 30 mpg too, running mainly unladen, so the Brava's greatest - and some fleets would say only - advantage is retained.’
    • ‘These are good figures for a vehicle weighing 1560 kg unladen.’
    • ‘With an unladen trailer mass of just 829 kg, the payload is around 3561 kg.’
    • ‘The unladen Viking can be underslung and airlifted by an RAF Chinook helicopter.’
    • ‘The expanding deck offers the additional benefit of no escort requirements when unladen.’
    • ‘It is a lively performer, the handling is good with masses of front end grip and the ride is impressive when unladen.’