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  • (of a person who has died or something that has gone or finished) not mourned or regretted.

    ‘she died unlamented in a dusty backyard’
    • ‘the unlamented soccer ID scheme’
    • ‘Just when you thought that it was safe to start reading the sports pages again, up pops Chippenham Town's erstwhile and unlamented manager, Tommy Saunders, to give us more pearls of wisdom.’
    • ‘I keep 20 + years of The Beaver back issues, nine years of the late, unlamented Frank, and am growing collections of British Columbia Magazine, Collectible Automobile and Canadian Geographic.’
    • ‘The scene of Cruise dancing around the house to some Bob Seger is pretty well-known; what you might not remember is that De Mornay's pimp Guido is played by Joe Pantoliano - the Sopranos' late, unlamented Ralphie.’
    • ‘Nothing wrong with that, says Lord Donaldson, the former chairman of the Tories’ late unlamented national industrial relations court.’
    • ‘The first part of this dominant Western reading is true enough, for the late unlamented USSR was the converse of paradise, if you were a dissident, that is, someone with an inexplicable desire for freedom of expression.’
    • ‘I almost fancy I hear a ghostly mocking chuckle from the late and unlamented Stanley Wardley.’
    • ‘The late, unlamented 20th Century, the Century of Nanking, of Auschwitz, of the Somme and the Berlin Wall is gone, finished,’
    • ‘Aircraft wheels could yet again be groping tenuously for the asphalt of Kai Tak, Hong Kong's unlamented previous airport, if private pilots and other aviation enthusiasts get their way.’
    • ‘That did not prevent some journalists from making a meal of a very few incidents while themselves clearly behaving in an obnoxiously intrusive manner or as propagandists for the unlamented Iraqi regime.’
    • ‘The unlamented Soviet Union was able to develop an independent strategy to which its allies more or less willingly conformed.’
    • ‘The memory of the late, mainly unlamented Crossroads, when the acting - under pressure - became as embarrassingly threadbare as the clothes, is fresh in many a soap addict's mind.’
    • ‘Ever since World War II but even more since the unlamented Whitlam years, the national government has intervened more and more in what were considered to be State responsibilities.’
    • ‘For its follow-up, 2001's Missundaztood, she brought in Linda Perry, former lead singer of unlamented pop-grunge act 4 Non Blondes.’
    • ‘Today is the 27th anniversary of our family's departure from the late, unlamented Soviet Union.’
    • ‘Usually when I make this observation, I'm thinking of, say, Britain's late unlamented nationalized car industry.’
    • ‘And having left the Broncos a couple of seasons back, next year he is returning to the Broncos, and his departure will be unlamented in Roosters territory.’
    • ‘Instead, this is a charming memoir of a Caribbean childhood, a celebration of the good things in life, and a gentle dig at a set of values that are long gone and unlamented.’
    • ‘Elizabeth, who died an unlamented old bat, metamorphosed retrospectively into ‘Good Queen Bess’.’
    • ‘In tone and content, it recalls the unlamented UNC 1997 media Green Paper.’



/ˌənləˈmen(t)əd/ /ˌənləˈmɛn(t)əd/