Definition of unlash in English:


transitive verb

[with object]
  • Unfasten (something securely tied with a cord or rope)

    ‘he unlashed the dinghy’
    • ‘Drivers worked lashing / unlashing containers, driving light equipment, canteen cleaning and assisting clerical staff etc.’
    • ‘Dante looked at the man questioningly, but just shrugged and unlashed the sheath from his belt.’
    • ‘Upon being dragged onto the ship, Grace's hands had been unlashed and she was continually held at knife point.’
    • ‘From the low-beamed ceiling he unlashed a hammock and tied it to a truss by the fireplace wall.’
    • ‘I unlashed our empty food bag and gave it to her.’
    • ‘We've all been bracing for the storm, and I'm not quite ready to unlash myself from the mast.’
    • ‘Officers and crew are needed to secure and/or unsecure, lash and/or unlash containers.’



/ˌənˈlaSH/ /ˌənˈlæʃ/