Definition of unlistenable in English:



  • (especially of music) impossible or unbearable to listen to.

    ‘today, his recordings seem unlistenable’
    • ‘This CD is already a smash hit with the demographic of people who think they're smarter and more cultured than everybody else because they listen to unlistenable music that everybody else listens to.’
    • ‘In case you don't know this, and I sincerely hope you don't, Jesus Christ Superstar is a remarkably bad film with remarkably dated, unlistenable music.’
    • ‘There's also a free jazzer who runs a club in London dedicated to presenting totally unlistenable music who still claims that ‘Days In The Trees’ is one of the greatest Pop songs of all time.’
    • ‘The other reason I typically place Miles in my second tier is because he had long stretches of his career when his music was virtually unlistenable to me.’
    • ‘I said as much and befriended Guy, whose musical tastes encompass a diverse medley of almost unlistenable music.’
    • ‘I think the station is amateurish, playing embarrassing music and is unlistenable.’
    • ‘A satellite radio subscription, offering every imaginable musical genre, lets you bypass the unlistenable hypermass music on nearly every radio station.’
    • ‘Your level of enjoyment depends on how much you invest in the lyrics and metaphors - Saul's observations come flying at breakneck speeds and require undivided attention, rendering the album unlistenable as background music.’
    • ‘It's, as club vernacular would have it, going right off, and what's more it's going right off on the least sociable night of the week, to the sort of music most people would consider unlistenable.’
    • ‘Experimental music is a term that is intimidating, evoking unlistenable sonic chaos meant only for academics.’
    • ‘In this context, ‘interesting’ means a recording is so unlistenable that it's enjoyable to listen to it.’
    • ‘No doubt these reactions are due to my unfamiliarity - just as someone bred on Asian music might find western forms unlistenable.’
    • ‘Although this combination could have been truly unlistenable, their forays into rock music were ego-free, expressionistic and pared down to the bone.’
    • ‘Viewed as an actual piece of music, it's virtually unlistenable.’
    • ‘The music had distorted, the words mumbled into an unlistenable mess.’
    • ‘Anyway - I found the King Crimson album utterly unlistenable, except for one track ‘Epitaph’, and I really rather liked the whole rock and roll Curved Air thing… and felt very clever that I knew where Stuart Copeland came from.’
    • ‘In between these two line-ups came the two rather directionless studio albums recorded with a revolving cast of musicians, ‘Lizard’ and ‘Islands’, both of which I find pretty much unlistenable.’
    • ‘I can coexist with ‘easy listening,’ with ‘adult contemporary,’ with even that unlistenable concoction called ‘smooth jazz.’’
    • ‘Note that I'm taking this as a high-water mark: go further back and you will find a baroque mixture of naff and the unpleasantly unlistenable.’



/ˌənˈlisənəb(ə)l/ /ˌənˈlɪsənəb(ə)l/