Definition of unlived-in in English:


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  • Not appearing to be used or inhabited; not homey or comfortable.

    ‘she realized how empty and unlived-in the apartment had become’
    • ‘Six years ago, the trust bought it, and a right of access from the farmer, and set about the task of restoring, as faithfully as possible, the Grade II-listed building, which had languished, unloved and unlived in, since 1912.’
    • ‘I loved the idea of taking the wedding into the theatre's lounge, but the bedroom set looked masculine and unlived in.’
    • ‘The house was small, clean, and looked unlived in.’
    • ‘I followed him through a neat clean unlived in room, to another clean neat room, but with Jarred's signs all over.’
    • ‘For such a large house, it was decidedly unfilled and looked almost unlived in; it was unnaturally clean.’
    • ‘Inside, though it felt unlived in, the house was very clean and neatly arranged.’
    • ‘Inside it was immaculately clean, warm, and looked completely unlived in.’
    • ‘Not your typical bachelor pad, it had taste but was conservative and looked a little unlived in.’
    • ‘Always thought it was a bit odd on Cribs that the homes looked suspiciously unlived - in…’
    • ‘This is a new, unlived in beautiful builder's model with all the upgrades in the beautiful, safe Anthem area.’
    • ‘The existing floor is a couple of hundred years old but in a really bad state has it as been exposed to the weather and unlived in for years.’
    • ‘I don't know they probably have a big playroom somewhere with all that but the room still seems kind of cold and unlived in.’
    • ‘This two bedroom sub-penthouse offers panoramic views all across the top of Greenwich view and is brand-new, untouched and unlived in.’



/ˌənˈlivˌdin/ /ˌənˈlɪvˌdɪn/