Definition of unloose in English:


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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Undo; let free.

    ‘he rushed across to unloose the dog’
    • ‘A 5.1-magnitude earthquake triggered the collapse of the mountain's north flank, unloosing the biggest landslide ever recorded and an eruption equal to 500 Hiroshimas.’
    • ‘And never for love of our Lord unloosing their lips.’
    • ‘GOP officials, meanwhile, have been getting reports of phone calls being made by a person who says he's representing the Bush campaign, and then unlooses a string of swear words.’
    • ‘By the fin de siècle this view of high-end consumption had so exploded that Thorstein Veblen unloosed the first modern sustained attack on luxury in his thoroughly entertaining Theory of the Leisure Class.’
    • ‘But when these point sources of light are unloosed from the grid, but still signifying life, are we again in the presence of a city nightscape?’
    • ‘I desperately hope we are a wiser people than to unloose the power to kill based on undisclosed ‘information‘with no accountability.’’
    • ‘I was recently advised of a splendid plan to unloose some sparrow hawks in Glasgow's parks and squares.’
    • ‘Repeating EVER enough times until I was un-hornified, I looked up, and saw Jeremy leaning against the counter-holding keys in one hand, and unloosing his tie with the other.’
    • ‘Even before discoursing on sewers and sewage, author Halliday unlooses two illustrations which eloquently depict Bazalegette's achievements above ground.’
    • ‘If the loss of Calais unloosed such fury in him, I tremble to think what the possible loss of the election might entail.’
    remove, detach, disentangle, extricate, separate, release, loosen, loose, disconnect, unfasten, unclasp, unclick, uncouple, decouple, undo, unhook, unloose, unhitch, untie, unyoke, disentwine



/ˌənˈlo͞os/ /ˌənˈlus/