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(also unloveable)
  • Not lovable.

    ‘a very unlovable child’
    • ‘As a rule, we divide our hearts into different compartments, for lovable, neutral and unlovable people.’
    • ‘Even relationships can be affected, because the person with SAD can become irritable, unloving and unlovable, says charity Mind.’
    • ‘I didn't want to make him a cliché or unloveable,’ Gowdy says.’
    • ‘I am so sick of reading blogs by women who pepper their intelligent, hilarious posts with frequent mentions of how ugly/fat/flat/unwantable/unloveable they are.’
    • ‘Our unloveable, big loose cannon - Ortland, Ortland!’
    • ‘Maybe I just see myself as unloveable, I don't know.’
    • ‘So I put his books up on a high shelf and tried to get on with the unloveable Red Brigade of deconstructivists and post-structuralists I was supposed to identify with now.’
    • ‘Am I so completely unloveable and so horrible a person?’
    • ‘Were the unloveable critters thrown into bowls of rice deliberately?’
    • ‘Yesterday was one of those days when one feels sort of ucky and unloveable.’
    • ‘When I say wrong with him, I mean, that the problems he had made him bad or unloveable.’
    • ‘All the things I usually hate in TV are here - it's over the top, it's noisy, it's stuffed with unlovable people, everyone's shouting - but the old bile and fire is back.’
    • ‘Love means loving the unlovable - or it is no virtue at all…’
    • ‘I spend a lot of my time thinking myself unworthy, unlovable, of little value or use…… and at the same time I find myself not wanting to feel that way at all, because on other levels I know that these things are not true.’
    • ‘What perversity would inspire a busy corporate spokesman to lavish devotion on such an inert and - let's face it - steadfastly unlovable personage for more than two decades?’
    • ‘Edward Herrmann is Hearst, a big and strangely unlovable teddy bear of a man, spying fanatically on his guests and fellow passengers and especially on his beautiful mistress Marion Davies, played by Kirsten Dunst.’
    • ‘Maybe I am not so unlovable, because Dan, he loves me, he wants to be with me.'’
    • ‘An unedifying gallery of bit-part rogues, including the profoundly unlovable Frankie Fraser, keeps assuring us that Charlie was a gentleman who looked after his old mum, etc etc.’
    unlikable, unlovable, unattractive, disagreeable