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  • Not loving.

    ‘an unloving father’
    • ‘B1 is full of rage at the very real wrong that was done to him by a distant and unloving father.’
    • ‘Many were running away from hostile or feckless parents - unloving stepmothers and drunken fathers feature in several reminiscences - or from the prospect of onshore unemployment.’
    • ‘In 1140, after the mysterious disappearance of a Shrewsbury clerk, the young Meriet was brought by his unloving father to a Benedictine monastery.’
    • ‘Ranked against him are the hideous shades of the Inquisition and directly in his path is his unloving, tyrannical father, the King.’
    • ‘Travers was born in 1909, the daughter of an austere, stiff, unloving but clearly well-off family who, for the sake of her father's rheumatism, moved to Cannes on the French Riviera when she was 12.’
    • ‘She hasn't, I think, asked herself why, if his wife is as unloving and chilly as all that and the children are grown and gone, he hasn't left home?’
    • ‘Aaron in particular has come to know the woods, hills and lochs intimately, as substitutes for his remote, unloving parents.’
    • ‘The idea, for example, that the prince of Wales was a bad father, an unloving father, was proved wrong almost immediately for everyone to see.’
    • ‘Mary Tyler Moore, after years of nurturing that chipper television identity, had transformed herself into this cold, unloving matron.’
    • ‘New Yorker Mathias Gold, 50, in Israel Horovitz's My Old Lady, has inherited some French books and an apartment in Paris from his rich but unloving father, Max.’
    • ‘Supporting actors include Robert Patrick as Johnny's unloving father, Tyler Hilton as a young Elvis Presley, and Shooter Jennings as his father, Waylon.’
    • ‘Freud hit the nail on the head when he wrote that all religions preach love for their fellow believers, but they are ‘hard and unloving to non-believers’.’
    • ‘Even relationships can be affected, because the person with SAD can become irritable, unloving and unlovable, says charity Mind.’
    • ‘Rose is too unloved; the Mitwissers are too unloving - and so, for all its cleverness and texture, the novel itself is hard to love.’
    • ‘Authoritarian parents are not unloving, rejecting, or cruel.’
    • ‘And why bring unwanted children into the world, why should children be brought up in an unloving environment?’
    • ‘Are we now meant to aspire to unloving, mean-spirited, aggressive domestic disharmony?’
    • ‘I just hadn't realised that so many straight men could be so selfish and unloving towards their offspring.’
    • ‘A fair and not an unloving assessment - but the obvious facts here are apt to mislead.’
    unemotional, unaffectionate, impassive, dispassionate



/ˌənˈləviNG/ /ˌənˈləvɪŋ/