Definition of unmanaged in English:



  • 1Not controlled or regulated.

    ‘a critique of unmanaged capitalism’
    • ‘From a technology perspective, the three most salient issues are: sizing and deployment, controlling unmanaged data and training - all the way down to the user level.’
    • ‘About 98 per cent of all fires in the savannah region are unplanned and unmanaged.’
    • ‘This serene beauty is in danger due to unmanaged and unplanned human interference.’
    • ‘Dr Winiata showed on TV the other night during a rowdy and unmanaged debate just how quietly sensible, measured and controlled they can be.’
    • ‘All this unmanaged mountain biking is having a real impact on the creeks and forests up there.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the 1970s recession and unmanaged racial tensions had led most European countries to adopt an official policy of zero immigration.’
    • ‘Unlike America there is no European wilderness, no expanses that are remotely unmanaged by human hands.’
    • ‘‘So much has gone on that has been unmanaged, uncontrolled or not even in writing,’ he says.’
    • ‘The unmanaged growth of our financial aid budget threatens to overwhelm that commitment.’
    • ‘If unmanaged, measures to revitalize of the traditional system may end up only as rhetoric.’
    • ‘If unmanaged, it can lead to blindness, kidney failure and heart disease.’
    • ‘When Costley moved in the club had been not so much financially mismanaged as unmanaged.’
    • ‘These unmanaged or under-managed markets charged very little - we paid a mere $5 to $15 each week - and sales were lower.’
    • ‘Hill farming is on the brink of a rapid and unmanaged collapse without help through the major changes it faces, according to new research by the National Trust.’
    • ‘Threats to this zone include increasing human population, which implies the expansion of slash-and-burn agriculture, intensive mining activities, and unmanaged fires.’
    • ‘She goes on to say ‘We have had a new and unexpected addition to the family, and I would rather close the toplist, than let it continue unmanaged.’’
    • ‘In the case of an unmanaged 200% short fund in the same time period, the gain was 246%.’
    • ‘Generally unmanaged since its inception, e-mail was the first killer application for the Internet and now consumes several terabytes of disk storage at many customer locations.’
    • ‘While it does satisfy regulatory bodies, outsourcing doesn't necessarily mitigate the problem of unmanaged data and doesn't allow for coordination with all parts of a business.’
    • ‘This study supports previous research showing hospitalized patients whose acute pain is well controlled are more satisfied with their care than patients whose pain is unmanaged.’
    uncultivated, unploughed, untilled, unplanted, unsown, unseeded, unused, undeveloped, dormant, resting, empty, bare, virgin
  • 2(of land) left wild; in a natural state.

    ‘the wood has been kept as an unmanaged reserve’
    • ‘Properties are classified into nine classes from residential to unmanaged forest land to farms.’
    • ‘It has an untamed feel, having been largely unmanaged for many decades and it's littered with old wood and falling trees, a perfect habitat for these invisible workers.’
    • ‘Tilapia are what they eat, and in unmanaged systems, animal manure and even human faeces contribute to the mix.’
    • ‘During the last 15 years it has been unmanaged and has developed an impressive display of wild flowers - which are now under threat from scrub.’
    • ‘The study plots are parts of a continuous, unmanaged, oak-dominated woodland, a strictly protected area of Duna-Ipoly National Park since 1997.’
    • ‘Left unmanaged, thatch can lead to serious maintenance and pest problems.’
    • ‘As a base of comparison with more complex models, we used a model where nest success varied between managed and unmanaged sites but did not include terms for pond or duck density.’
    • ‘The slightly higher nest success at unmanaged sites during dry years may have limited capacity to increase recruitment in any case, because brood survival and renesting potential is low during those years.’
    • ‘How important to children is wilderness or relatively unmanaged nature, and what kind of nature study and outdoor challenge programs provide the most positive experience with nature for children?’
    • ‘It is the unmanaged Nature that stressed our developing beings to make us strong, that provided not only physical sustenance but the avenues for both love and loss: the genesis of human compassion.’
    • ‘The least-squares mean for nest success at unmanaged sites was 0.21.’
    • ‘Free choice in an unmanaged environment has little chance, in the face of human determination always to get something better, and sometimes measures bordering on the punitive are needed.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, efficiency in hunting in the unmanaged commons of the pre-Neolithic world, leads only down the road towards Malthusian crisis.’
    • ‘Rousseau asked that that part of the forest be left unmanaged, preserved for true nature lovers such as the Barbizon artists.’
    • ‘Habitat associations of epiphytic lichens in managed and unmanaged forest stands in Nova Scotia’
    • ‘To me, this means we have to show them the life cycle of a forest, and we have to compare the life cycle of managed forests with the life cycles of unmanaged forests.’
    • ‘But these are far from being exemplars of sound forest management, and an unmanaged wilderness forest can be a weapon of mass destruction.’
    • ‘They can't decide to leave sites unsafe and unmanaged and decide, willy-nilly, to come and go.’
    • ‘They show high numbers of breeding waders in contrast to unmanaged unkeepered moors, which had very low numbers.’
    • ‘Like so many wildlife areas, Red Moss would destroy itself if left unmanaged.’
    uninhabited, unpopulated, uncultivated, unfarmed, unmanaged, virgin



/ˌənˈmanəjd/ /ˌənˈmænədʒd/