Definition of unmanliness in English:



See unmanly

‘We might have managed a sort of ghostly beard apparition which would float mysteriously in front of our chins, but it was easier to be rid of it and affect disinterest, rather than admit unmanliness.’
  • ‘In both The Conquest and The Homesteader, the character who exemplifies the unmanliness that impedes the progress of the Race is the protagonist's father-in-law, named McCraline in the earlier book and McCarthy in the later one.’
  • ‘In Wister's world, unmanliness appears in two opposing figures, the man who cannot control his passions and the man whose life of civilized restraint has so buried those passions that he has become effeminate.’
  • ‘By taunting him for unmanliness and inconstancy, however, she persuades him to resume his original purpose, saying she will get Duncan's chamberlains drunk so that the Macbeths can make it appear that they are the culprits.’
  • ‘The thief, by definition a sneak thief, is merely the most common personification of unmanliness.’