Definition of unmasculine in English:



  • Not having or showing qualities traditionally associated with men.

    ‘his hair made him look unmasculine’
    • ‘unmasculine behavior’
    • ‘Despite an attitude that considered dancing shamefully unmasculine, Juan was sufficiently motivated by this information to try his best.’
    • ‘Those men who fear doing anything unmasculine, who wield the charge of femininity like a weapon, are finally undone by that fear.’
    • ‘The explanation was that it made him look unmasculine.’
    • ‘Boys have reported that they consider the seeking and sharing of advice unmasculine behavior.’
    • ‘As specified by the definition of "mannish," we judge these men to be unmasculine.’
    • ‘"Many men are genuinely proud of their culinary skill and see nothing undignified or unmasculine in being able to turn out a batch of fluffy biscuits."’
    • ‘An excessive interest in high academic achievement or a fondness for art or music are viewed by many young men as unmasculine.’
    • ‘When he talks I hate his unmasculine voice.’
    • ‘When men in nursing are stereotyped as incompetent or somehow 'unmasculine', then men who choose to enter nursing can find it difficult to combat this.’



/ˌənˈmaskyələn/ /ˌənˈmæskjələn/