Definition of unmatchable in English:



  • Incapable of being matched, equaled, or rivaled.

    ‘Berlin has an unmatchable symphony orchestra’
    • ‘Or The Fly magazine: ‘Kieran's finely-tuned shrill injects a passion into his lyrics that is unmatchable.’’
    • ‘Their resources were lavish, unmatchable: each of their scorers in the European Cup final, Ole Gunner Solskjaer and Teddy Sheringham, were substitutes for the pairing of Andy Cole and Dwight Yorke.’
    • ‘The cable networks, the talk-radio shows, the national newspapers, the whole echo-chamber gives the far-right an unmatchable advantage in public debate.’
    • ‘It is a race of almost unmatchable quality, given that the winners of last year's and this year's Epsom Derby are joined by this year's French Derby hero, a Hong Kong Vase winner, and more Group One winners than you could shake a stick at.’
    • ‘When she dug through his archives, she discovered he wrote about his musings on life, relationships, his culinary creations and the odd contemplation which he infused with wit and an unmatchable sense of humour.’
    • ‘Which isn't a bad thing; with new responsibilities come new rewards, such as the unmatchable pleasure of watching her daughter, Julia, grow into an accomplished musician herself.’
    • ‘Though it's not half as good as the genre's pivotal record - DJ Shadow's unmatchable Endtroducing - it's got plenty of ideas, and shows just how much the genre has diversified.’
    • ‘Tiger Woods is unmatchable, Phil Mickelson continues to play fabulous golf, and the much less talented, but mentally astute, David Toms is continuing his silent march through the world rankings.’
    • ‘Clarke and Westwood polished off their men by 5 & 4 with a series of unmatchable iron shots as the European bandwagon gained increasing momentum.’
    • ‘The production is off the hook and Goldenboy's flow is unmatchable.’
    • ‘The article was unmatchable Mail writing, segueing uncontrollably between mutually contradictory complaints without demonstrating any self-awareness.’
    • ‘It had everything: humour, tension, emotion, divine actors (James Bolam and Barbara Flynn) and an unmatchable jazz soundtrack.’
    • ‘A unique aspect about Hussain is his unmatchable skill to combine a message for the society in all his compositions and that is what makes his albums evergreen memories to be heard again and again.’
    • ‘Billed as an affordable model with an unmatchable package of extras, the XEi was released as a 1.8 litre petrol special edition at dealerships across the country in June.’
    • ‘Scratch at the surface of his career, and underneath the 18 majors and the 70-odd tour wins you see a consistency of a kind that is surely unmatchable for all time.’
    • ‘Turning 40 at the weekend, Zambia is now offering opportunities that are unmatchable compared to what some people are being subjected to.’
    • ‘And like the Da Vinci of old his precision is unmatchable.’
    • ‘The effectiveness of ICD therapy in preventing SCD is unmatchable.’
    • ‘On the hill, though, he was unmatchable and uncatchable.’
    • ‘It is an irony lost on nobody that men draped in the English flag proclaiming unmatchable patriotism are the ones who disgrace this country.’



/ˌənˈmaCHəbəl/ /ˌənˈmætʃəbəl/