Definition of unmeaning in English:



  • Having no meaning or significance; meaningless.

    ‘a sweet, unmeaning smile’
    • ‘The prospects for an improvement in relations between India and Pakistan are limited by the fact that ‘dialogue ‘is the most unmeaning word in the lexicon of South Asian politics.’’
    • ‘The very human desire to find pattern in random data - meaning in a cold, unmeaning world - is alive and well.’
    • ‘Yes, we have songs with unmeaning words, sounds which just help to act as carriers of the notes.’
    • ‘For what happens is that one by one the moral and metaphysical temptations are dismissed as unreal or unmeaning.’
    • ‘If it does not do this it becomes spasmodic and unmeaning, like correspondence which is too much underlined ’.’
    unintelligible, incomprehensible, incoherent, illogical, senseless, unmeaning, foolish, silly, absurd, fatuous, ridiculous, nonsensical, idle



/ˌənˈmēniNG/ /ˌənˈminɪŋ/