Definition of unmelted in English:



  • Not melted.

    ‘unmelted snow’
    • ‘SLATON - The tufts of residual cotton pool along the roadsides like unmelted snow, the detritus from the harvest that ended less than two months ago.’
    • ‘He also noticed blood had stained some unmelted snow.’
    • ‘Staying to the shadows and being careful not to step on any sticks that were still being hidden by unmelted snow, she watched and observed him.’
    • ‘As Dan followed the Rottweiler puppy deeper and deeper into the darkness of the trees, he felt a chill pass through him and saw patches of snow still unmelted on the ground.’
    • ‘The sun is now hidden behind clouds and patches of unmelted snow are appearing on the ground.’
    • ‘Blood stained what little remained of unmelted snow on the ground.’
    • ‘Well, the way I see it, butter either comes melted and all oily and sticky or unmelted and thick and tasting so plain, it's disgusting.’
    • ‘Some migmatites have now been shown to be the source regions of granite, from which granite melts have been extracted, leaving an unmelted residue containing a few patches of trapped melt.’
    • ‘Let it melt without stirring, occasionally poking any unmelted chocolate down into the liquid chocolate.’
    • ‘Just leave it to melt, occasionally pushing any lumps of unmelted chocolate and butter below the surface.’
    • ‘And even in cases where volcanism has taken place, there are often older chunks of unmelted rock, called xenolithic inclusions, that can be identified within a lava flow and dated accurately.’
    • ‘When she got up at Oh Dark Thirty, there was an unmelted, unshoveled two-foot drift in front of the garage door.’
    • ‘If the extrusion temperature is not high enough, the melted polymer will not be sufficiently homogeneous, and some crystalline portions may remain unmelted.’
    • ‘Metzger then measures the characteristics of the unmelted cheese - factors such as its firmness and adhesive characteristics.’
    • ‘Bryce finished his coffee, enjoying the last, unmelted portion of the chocolate as it slid slowly down his throat.’
    • ‘Inside a cleft at water level, as if on an altar of rock, rested an offering of ice, unmelted even in summer.’



/ˌənˈmeltəd/ /ˌənˈmɛltəd/