Definition of unmentioned in English:



  • Not mentioned.

    ‘a monument unmentioned in all the architectural guides’
    • ‘That ‘psst’ marks an attempt to do the impossible - to mention that which remains unmentioned.’
    • ‘Of all the names mentioned, there's one - as yet unmentioned by the mainstream media - who scares the hell out of me as Red Sox manager.’
    • ‘These needs are simple, inexpensive, and easily installed, but those who should provide them seem to find the subject embarrassing and would prefer to let the matter rest unmentioned.’
    • ‘Robbed of their strongest issue, but with Europe itself going close to unmentioned by the big parties, Ukip's evangelists edge further and further into conspiracy theorism.’
    • ‘These go largely unmentioned but, for followers of provincial politics, hover over the entire story like the spectre of death in DeLillo's White Noise.’
    • ‘I allowed the marvellous performances of the Ursuline College basketball teams to go unmentioned, and that was remiss of me.’
    • ‘Mr Smith said it was also important to mention the village lengthsman, Mike Ashton, who had done a lot of work, and numerous unmentioned people who picked up litter and carried out other tasks.’
    • ‘Just for good measure; Collingwood fan Slatts wasn't going to let Last Night's Result go unmentioned…’
    • ‘Letting the anti-Labor policies go unmentioned was crazy.’
    • ‘It was left unmentioned by the interviewer, but the answer was contained in the same article when Mrs King gave her views on the place of the United States in the world order.’
    • ‘But down at the central library the same week, the general public took a good, close look at the elephant that sat unmentioned in the teacher conference.’
    • ‘Talk to one of the seven members who actually attended the meeting and you'll discover another, unmentioned issue: the shortage of toilet paper.’
    • ‘If the anonymous audience member is also the writer of the letter: your strong protests to Gray's presentation could not go unmentioned in the story.’
    • ‘Also unmentioned was a message from the American ambassador to London, warning that the English were within a few weeks of running out of money.’
    • ‘Of course, I guess there's one more possibility yet unmentioned.’
    • ‘Of course, Bill Clinton's endorsement of the death penalty whilst in office both in the Whitehouse and Arkansas went unmentioned, as did his reasons for doing so.’
    • ‘In fairness, I think that everybody assumed I knew, that someone else had told me, and it just slipped through unmentioned, but nonetheless.’
    • ‘After that, another 18-week delay - unmentioned - followed before hospital treatment.’
    • ‘In a discussion of The Hulk, Fantastic Four, X-Men and Thor, Stan Lee goes almost unmentioned.’
    • ‘What goes wholly unmentioned is that the way lifespan statistics are used in this argument is inherently misleading.’
    unstated, unexpressed, unuttered, unsaid, unmentioned, unvoiced, unarticulated, undeclared, unavowed, not spelt out, mute, silent, wordless, voiceless



/ˌənˈmen(t)SHənd/ /ˌənˈmɛn(t)ʃənd/