Definition of unmerited in English:


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  • Not deserved or merited.

    ‘an unmerited insult’
    • ‘He believed the tribunal's investigation into the awarding of the licence was wholly unnecessary and unmerited.’
    • ‘Their stories of disproportionate, unmerited suffering demand that when sufferers cannot feel the companionship of God, we try to assure them of it.’
    • ‘What was asked of the Christian was simply faith, itself an unmerited gift from God, and at the root of that faith was the Bible - which, like Jesus' sacrifice, was also sufficient and complete.’
    • ‘Though all religions recommend values such as generosity, selflessness and charity, increasingly people resort to religion only to secure limitless and unmerited advantages in this world and the next.’
    • ‘The notion that Didier Drogba's dismissal was both unmerited and instrumental in the result of the game will surely be discounted by Mourinho as he attempts to find the measure of cool Frankie Rijkaard and his side for the second leg.’
    unneeded, needless, inessential, non-essential, not required, uncalled for, gratuitous, useless, unmerited, unwarranted, unwanted, undesired, dispensable, avoidable, peripheral, cosmetic, unimportant, trivial, incidental, optional, extraneous, expendable, disposable, redundant, pointless, purposeless, to no purpose, to no avail



/ˌənˈmerədəd/ /ˌənˈmɛrədəd/