Definition of unmetalled in English:



  • (of a road) not having a hard surface of road metal.

    ‘an unmetalled road’
    • ‘A lightly-metalled road was found south of the river at Spital Street, Dartford, interpreted as an early line for Watling Street; while north of the river, at Old Ford, London, archaeologists found a single-carriageway unmetalled road.’
    • ‘You didn't mention, Beta, that the roads are unmetalled; the electricity is unreliable and intermittent; the water still comes from a well; there are no street-lamps and the only transport we've got is oxen, goat or mule-driven.’
    • ‘The toughest part of the race was in Siberia, where the mud and unmetalled roads meant the Flyer covered just 60 miles in four days.’
    • ‘The road was unmetalled red earth - and when Muisto's father met them, it was in a horse and cart.’
    • ‘The unmetalled road became a quagmire of mud in winter, and a rough, dried up track in summer.’