Definition of unmilitary in English:



  • Not typical of, suitable for, or connected with the military.

    ‘a very unmilitary attitude’
    • ‘But there was one mistake - the statue showed the soldier in a most unmilitary posture with his hands clasped over the muzzle of his firearm.’
    • ‘He designed a quiet, civic memorial without swords, cannons or battle standards, a graceful, simple, timeless and remarkably unmilitary monument to those who died in the world wars.’
    • ‘The subject-matter of bks. 1-3, dealing with the civil wars between Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian, is predominantly military, and it is for his handling of this material that Mommsen called Tacitus ‘most unmilitary of writers’.’
    • ‘‘Geoffrey was completely unmilitary,’ says Bill Harriman, a friend and a fellow Shooting Times columnist, who now examines firearms on the Antiques Roadshow.’
    • ‘Beckett and Al were nice guys, yeah, but so liberal and unmilitary that they spent all their time on other things - like the day care center - and let Security get lax.’
    • ‘Very unmilitary, because most of the people working there were men and women who came from different walks of life, not necessarily professional officers.’
    • ‘The Praetorian Guard, who despised their unmilitary emperor, defected to Galba on the promise of a donative, and the senate declared Nero a public enemy.’
    • ‘It is the sophisticated, mondaine, civilised and generally rather unmilitary Germany described so well by Sybilla Bedford in The Legacy.’
    • ‘The latter was the last general to serve in the White House and did so in a decidedly unmilitary fashion.’



/ˌənˈmiləˌterē/ /ˌənˈmɪləˌtɛri/