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  • 1So good that it should not be missed.

    ‘the special effects make this an unmissable treat’
    • ‘Emmerich's reign at the top of the mega-movie empire doesn't show any signs of dissipating with this unmissable treat, which is every bit as entertaining as was hoped.’
    • ‘All it requires is a fraction of the enterprise that turned a newspaper strip into an opera and now into an unmissable Easter treat.’
    • ‘If you missed the unmissable Love Rocket, you can catch them at Sickofantic's summer gig on July 16th at the Queens Hall, Narberth.’
    • ‘Don't worry: you are not missing the unmissable.’
    • ‘A sublime, unmissable piece of cinema and a rare treat.’
    • ‘A special treat, it is definitely an unmissable opportunity for jazz lovers.’
    • ‘Don't miss the cafe either, the cakes on offer are unmissable.’
    • ‘Come to think of it, unless my memory has completely glazed over with the overwhelming sense of amazement, I could have sworn I missed a few bites that were of the unmissable type!’
    • ‘Roll Deep's much hyped debut album is about to be unleashed and one of the things that makes this record so unmissable is the sugar coating of three tracks provided by Miss Alex Mills.’
    • ‘Couple the raw emotion of Willy Russell's wonderful story with some excellent musical numbers - especially Long Sunday Afternoon and Tell Me It's Not True - and you've got an unmissable night out.’
    • ‘One of the hottest musical events of the summer, Smithwicks Source, is just around the corner and the Waterford News & Star has secured ten double passes for what promises to be an unmissable concert.’
    • ‘This unmissable show - concise, intelligent and thought-provoking - is the sort of installation you might expect from a public gallery or from the sort of New York dealer beloved by Sex and the City Manhattanites.’
    • ‘The unmissable caricatures of Alan Snow scattered through A Turn in the Grave, written by ‘Bowvayne’, make this one for children to read to themselves.’
    • ‘Even people who didn't realise they liked cricket have been glued to the unmissable action from four highly competitive matches, creating and sustaining the sort of communality that normally occurs only during a football World Cup.’
    • ‘The Festival got off to a poignant start with a minute silence dedicated to the late Conor O'Callaghan who's work on and passion for the Festival saw it grow from a small summer festival to a crowd pulling unmissable musical feast.’
    • ‘All in all between Friday, June 15 to Sunday, June 24 there will be several hundred art works on show, accompanied by several fringe activities which make Éigse unmissable.’
    • ‘Then, one day, some enterprising young travel agent realised that here was a golden opportunity: buy some mountain bikes, hire a couple of guides, and market this jaunt as an unmissable adventure experience.’
    • ‘Jenners - an institution previously suspected of hiding its light under a bushel - has erected three enormous signs bearing its name, one of which is unmissable to anyone in Harvey Nicks looking at the castle.’
    • ‘Experiencing the rich legacy of Ingmar Bergman is every bit as exciting as the chance to view the Turner watercolours or hear Tony Bennett perform the great American songbook, and the retrospective is simply unmissable.’
    • ‘Hugely respected acts from both Ireland and Wales will fill every venue, every night - and Sunday afternoon too - bringing a real festival flavour to this unmissable weekend of fun.’
  • 2So clear or obvious that it cannot be missed.

    ‘an unmissable target’
    • ‘Vanessa was watching an American thriller show, in which thousands of bullets vanished into thin air just short of apparently unmissable human targets.’
    • ‘And yet, architecturally, it is a trumpet blast: an extraordinary structure that is striking, clear and unmissable.’
    • ‘The defender does not believe, however, that this is a reflection on how he attacks his on-field tasks but rather a consequence of his 6ft 5in frame making him an easy, and unmissable, target.’
    • ‘For the moment, however, Bremner's unmissable target is Tony Blair and the compelling soap opera that is New Labour, whose stellar cast comprises the good, the bad and Robin Cook.’
    • ‘Her eyes were the clearest things about her, visibly glowing now, unmissable in the sunlight.’
    • ‘Take a stroll down the rue St Denis, or through the Bois de Vincennes, and the evidence is unmissable: there are whores everywhere: standing on street corners, lying in the backs of vans, working out of dingy bedsits.’
    • ‘A clever Eddie Dooley corner forced a defensive blunder which resulted in Castle keeper Dermot Ingram being caught in no mans land and this presented Roy Pearson with an unmissable opportunity to score in the first minute.’
    • ‘Livewire winger Peter McCann bamboozled Gavin Dykes with a slick piece of footwork before setting up the in-rushing Fitzgerald who swept the ball past O'Hare from unmissable range.’
    • ‘The Norwegian's header across goal seemed to leave Arveladze with an unmissable chance, but Culkin made a brave stop and was extremely unlucky that the rebound fell to Reyna, who scored from six yards.’
    • ‘Instead, she wore one of her oversized T-shirts with the unmissable message ‘58% don't want Pershing’.’
    • ‘Calling this match became something of a lottery and it was only by word of mouth yesterday that we learned that wing Colin Shaw had got the third try, although his second was an absolute corker and totally unmissable.’
    • ‘The second came from a corner, again Wilson was the deliverer, which Scott Crabbe seemed to knee back to him from almost the goal-line, enabling him to thump home from unmissable range.’
    • ‘Though the warning signs have been unmissable for years, many Americans are reacting to the confirmation that there is a doping scandal in baseball as if they had found maggots in Mom's apple pie.’
    • ‘We'd rush home from school and the pong would hit us before we'd even dumped our bags at the door - an exotic combination of ciggies and cologne that was as unmistakable as it was unmissable.’
    • ‘But Gloag is understood to be furious that the pylons and their crackling, high-voltage cables will be unmissable from the ancient ramparts of the castle.’
    • ‘While the factory's existence is unmissable by its towering chimney that dominates the skyline, the location of its chalk quarry near the White Horse is rather more hidden.’
    • ‘After a marauding Amoruso run upfield, and a Latapy through ball, Michael Mols held off Laursen for a close-range chance which seemed unmissable.’
    • ‘Minutes later Kill extended their lead when a quick and clever free from Brendan Cocoman presented the Kill full forward with an unmissable point.’
    • ‘It was unmissable, vast and just above the port.’
    • ‘This feeling was compounded when Conway skewed an unmissable free about ten metres west of the posts from the fourteen yard line minutes later.’
    obvious, conspicuous, plain to see, unmistakable, obtrusive, striking, flagrant, blatant, staring someone in the face, as plain as a pikestaff, as plain as day, inescapable, unmissable, outrageous, gross



/ˌənˈmisəb(ə)l/ /ˌənˈmɪsəb(ə)l/