Definition of unmistakability in English:


(also unmistakeability)


See unmistakable

  • ‘But his pipes do attain clear unmistakability, which is no mean feat considering the ridiculous glut of young garage-dwellers out there.’
  • ‘The letters were chosen for the ease and unmistakability of three dots, three dashes, and three dots and not for the actual letters of ‘SOS.’’
  • ‘The hallmark of this marque is unmistakeability; in some cases you might, at first glance, confuse one make of luxury boat for another, but you wont mistake a Pershing and these two are true to that.’
  • ‘The strength of an Advanced Chess player lies in the combination of the computer accuracy and unmistakability and the human creativity and sagacity, provided that the both team components do possess these qualities (of course, unmistakability should be regarded in a relative sense).’
  • ‘But that was practically the only point of accord in more than an hour of multisyllabic legal jousting over concepts such as adjudicatory claims, state sovereignty and the doctrine of unmistakeability.’