Definition of unmistakably in English:


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  • In a way that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

    ‘I saw her there, clearly and unmistakably’
    • ‘the music sounds unmistakably English’
    • ‘The dramatic aspects of a Wagner opera performance were unmistakably present.’
    • ‘A veil conceals the upper half of the face, exposing his stubbly, unmistakably masculine chin below.’
    • ‘It opens with a sequence displaying what is unmistakably downtown Omaha.’
    • ‘In terms of pure cinematography, this is unmistakably noir.’
    • ‘Like a Strauss tone poem, the scoring is opulent, wide-ranging, but unmistakably Czech in its harmonic language.’



/ˌənməˈstākəblē/ /ˌənməˈsteɪkəbli/