Definition of unmodulated in English:



  • Not modulated.

    ‘an unmodulated video signal’
    • ‘But unlike Newman and Rothko, who used fairly flat, unmodulated pigment, Still used heavily loaded, expressively modulated impasto in jagged forms.’
    • ‘The light can be pulsed, sinusoidally modulated, or unmodulated, depending on the requirements for speed, cost, and resolution.’
    • ‘Although she first exhibited in the late 1960s with the Imagists, Ramberg never identified herself with this group, but shared their affinity for flat, unmodulated surfaces and stylized figuration.’
    • ‘Crane's image is flat and unmodulated and nearly fills the field, whereas Homer's Resting Shepherdess has form and depth and exhibits subtle effects of light and atmosphere in the ample background.’
    • ‘Segmented bands made of seven stripes of equal width writhe and curl across a white ground, overlapping yet utterly flat, in unmodulated versions of the six primary and secondary hues.’
    • ‘One of these was the standard SA procedure using an unmodulated signal.’
    • ‘It just can't sustain a momentum that is completely unmodulated (action scene, charged conversation, all in rapid succession).’
    • ‘Right up to the end, Enron was described in the exalted realms of management theory and business journalism with virtually unmodulated adoration.’
    • ‘That is the right message on Iraq, and if undecided voters find it too bold and unmodulated, tough luck.’
    • ‘At first they are heard in their raw, unmodulated state, then in various electronic transformations.’
    • ‘They share a common format: an impastoed yet atmospheric field of black palette-knife strokes is contained by four crisp, unmodulated black margins, 1 1/2 inches wide.’
    • ‘Their neatly painted angular shapes, dots, waves and zigzags, all in unmodulated blocks of bright color, would add up to perfectly traditional paintings if not for the flocking MacConnel sprayed on some sections.’
    • ‘His bold lines and bright, unmodulated colors lend themselves well to these images, which constitute a searing critique not only of the Iraq war, but also of U.S. priorities and values and the American Dream.’
    • ‘The drawings share some of the sculptures' rough and uncouth qualities: the line is generally neutral, even unmodulated, and acquires power through repetition rather than finesse.’
    • ‘An oddly shaped white and yellow puddle of thinned pigment, its isolation heightened by an expanse of brushy, unmodulated blue, recalls Miro in its comic vulnerability.’
    • ‘Each color, usually an unmodulated primary, has a Pop art intensity.’
    • ‘Homer's palette and the broad swatches of unmodulated paint also distressed the critics.’
    • ‘One side of the album consisted of a single, unmodulated sine tone.’
    • ‘The colour and tone of hand and wrist are almost uniform, unmodulated.’
    • ‘After that I gave up with the crêche and let him loose on the world with a fistful of pound coins and his unmodulated voice.’
    dull, dry, toneless, monotonous, drab, boring, tedious, flat, static, wooden, unmodulated, unvarying, undemonstrative, devoid of emotion, devoid of feeling



/ˌənˈmäjəˌlādəd/ /ˌənˈmɑdʒəˌleɪdəd/