Definition of unmourned in English:



  • Not mourned.

    ‘he would die alone and unmourned’
    • ‘The party is destined to perish, quietly and unmourned.’
    • ‘I knew I could never return because soon it would cease to exist, along with the lives, emotions and memories of its inhabitants, the ordinary, forgotten, unmourned, uncelebrated people of history.’
    • ‘According to lore, Bruntsfield is where Edinburgh used to bury its unmourned dead.’
    • ‘Happily, increasing numbers of shows are chucking the canned laughter into the skip of unmourned sitcoms.’
    • ‘It is estimated that the bodies of as many as 100 children lie unmarked and unmourned in St Mary's.’
    • ‘Croutons and bacon bits are absent and unmourned, but the salad would be better served by fresh Parmesan than the sprinkling of Kraft-style grated that is present.’
    • ‘Of course, road safety will not improve by one hyped-up case or even by innumerable cases which are just reported as a matter of fact in the media and rightly unmourned.’
    • ‘The summer came to an unmourned end at the height of August.’
    • ‘It lacks distance between subject and author, but there's enough meat to suggest Browne won't go to the writing desk in the sky unmourned.’
    • ‘Others, imprisoned for life have already been forgotten and will die unmourned and unremembered after a wasted life.’
    • ‘Would that the same could be said for perhaps the most unmourned genre of the 1990s - the power ballad.’
    • ‘You've probably guessed that his Mum was the one who died unhappy and unmourned a couple of years back.’
    • ‘One of the great singing stars of Hindi cinema died unmourned and unhonoured.’



/ˌənˈmôrnd/ /ˌənˈmɔrnd/