Definition of unna in English:



  • (in Aboriginal English) isn't it (used in conversation when seeking confirmation or agreement)

    ‘that was wicked unna?’
    • ‘A player's new Nikes are "Deadly, unna?"’
    • ‘Some time later she said, 'And when Mum go home, Mum'll tell Dad, unna?'’
    • ‘We gunna miss him, unna you fullas?’
    • ‘Clinton found it scrounging on the tip with Mum, Aunty Sissy and our little brothers and sisters, unna, Nicky?’
    • ‘And you come out tomorrow, unna? You see Daddy, Papa, Nanna.’
    • ‘'Hey, them coolungars can really move, unna you fellas?'’
    • ‘That story ... about the old people at Cocanarup and that, unna? You think? About them still being there?’
    • ‘This is a nice car ya got 'ere. Ya must 'ave plen'y of boya, unna?’


1970s probably an altered form of ‘ain't it’.