Definition of unnaturalness in English:



See unnatural

‘It was more than the sheer unnaturalness of the strange man (It was a man, wasn't it?)’
  • ‘The trouble is that this call fails: Whatever one's definition of natural, either homosexuality is natural, or it's unnaturalness says nothing at all about its propriety.’
  • ‘The blue tree is one of the most striking pieces of urban art I've seen: totally unexpected, vibrant, vital, and somehow natural despite its complete unnaturalness.’
  • ‘While I have not changed my position on the unnaturalness and just plain wrongness of getting up early, I can see that there are some advantages in terms of one's productivity and recreation and so on.’
  • ‘This clearly shows the unnaturalness of the idea of borrowing foreign doctrines regardless of whether they can be adapted to the Russian environment.’