Definition of unnecessariness in English:



See unnecessary

‘Having made a New Year's Eve resolution to smoke more ’, I thought I'd clear the lungs with a howling wail at the unnecessariness of the Ashley and Louise car crash in EMMERDALE.’
  • ‘Influenced by Diogenes of Sinope, Zeno preached a rational attitude toward sexuality, advocating equality of the sexes, the unnecessariness of clothing, and what today would be called free love.’
  • ‘I'm just forced to endure rage, endure my pointless existence, the whole idea of unnecessariness.’
  • ‘The trick in translating this book into an opera (as opposed to a stage work or a film) is the essential unnecessariness of opera.’
  • ‘Finally, it may be precisely writing's uselessness that makes it attractive to the opposite sex; it could be that, like the male peacock's exuberant tail, literature's very unnecessariness speaks to the underlying good health of its practitioner.’



/ˌənˈnesəˌserēnəs/ /ˌənˈnɛsəˌsɛrinəs/