Definition of unnoted in English:



  • Not noticed or remarked upon.

    ‘protests went unnoted by the media’
    • ‘the music of hitherto unnoted places’
    • ‘Left unnoted are the political pressures on the administration to do the right thing, which are also substantial.’
    • ‘It is worth interrupting the chronicle to draw attention to a hitherto unnoted irony in a political career in which ironies instructively abound.’
    • ‘This amendment almost went unnoted.’
    • ‘The video stayed up for a month and went relatively unnoted, with only about 3,000 views.’
    • ‘How could your reviewer let the writer's stilted portrayal go unnoted?’
    • ‘Largely unnoted amid the sound and fury are several peace overtures in the White Paper.’
    • ‘Isn't this, too, a massive intelligence failure, even if massively unnoted by the media?’
    • ‘Unnoted by the anti-union forces, however, was the fact that the industrial labor movement itself had become bitterly divided by the summer of 1942.’
    • ‘One celebration that should not pass unnoted occurred at the 92nd Street Y over a recent weekend.’
    • ‘Almost unnoted, however, was the opposition of one Democratic senator, West Virginia's Robert Byrd, and eight Democratic Congressmen.’



/ˌənˈnōdəd/ /ˌənˈnoʊdəd/