Definition of unnoticeably in English:


Pronunciation /-blē/


See unnoticeable

‘‘I don't make deals ’, Jessie replied as she began to slowly, unnoticeably reach behind Vincent for his gun without Diox suspecting.’
  • ‘As we climb the trail slowly almost unnoticeably deteriorates, more tree roots, more water runoff, more mud, and no more strong well-built bridges, but lots more streams.’
  • ‘His grip on me tightened slowly, almost unnoticeably until I felt the pain and I winced, my throat still echoing with that ache he gave to me.’
  • ‘This US-style induction into society, with the national anthem, oath-taking and certificates, seemed alien to the British way, where becoming a citizen was something one did quietly and unnoticeably.’
  • ‘While many of these issues found their way onto state ballots, unnoticeably absent were the proposals concerning the more pressing issues of the day.’